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Short Codes Service

Short Codes are also knows as short numbers. These are special telephone numbers used instead of the regular phone numbers for ease of communication. They can be used in both SMS communication or for dialing. Since they are easier to read and remember they pose a distinct advantage over regular number for marketing purposes. Short codes are also unique to the operator at a technological level. There is generally no overlap. Providers ensure that codes used by them do not coincide with those used by anyone else. There are several places where short codes could come handy instead of the regular telephone numbers.
Service providers can take advantage of short codes while providing value added services Noida,Delhi Ncr,India. Some of the examples are, a television reality show voting mechanism – it is a matter of a few seconds that the number flashes on the screen and the announcement is made. Using short codes would ensure that the audience get the number right. Short codes can also be used for ordering ring tones, or such other special mobile services. Messages sent to a short code are generally billed higher than the regular numbers. Well sometimes short codes are toll free – depending on the provider.
We at provide you with Short Code services. Our services include marketing your products using appropriate short codes. Whether it is setting up an auto reply short code, or to set up a short code for a service you are providing, our team can provide you with assistance is setting it up. Dialed numbers are generally eight to ten digits long. From a customer point of view it is very difficult to remember, and that definitely affects your marketing efforts. If a number cannot be easily remembered or noted down, customer will fail to act on your offer. So keep the dialing or messaging number short and you will see better results with your marketing campaigns.

Our Short Codes Service Include:

  • Identifying the promotions that can use a short code.
  • Setting up short codes for your specific marketing campaigns.
  • Auto replies set up with short codes.
  • Messages forwarded using short codes – alerts, notifications and offers.
  • Real time reporting of the campaign.
  • Setup and support throughout the campaign
  • Increase leads for your business via SMS or Dialing facilities.
With the number of marketing methods coming up and the lifestyles of people in general becoming very fast, it is important that we get our message across in a short and sweet manner. Our short code services ensure that your message gets through to your business prospects in a quick and efficient way. With significantly short codes, your message is more likely to be well received and remembered by your target audience. This in turn gives you the benefit of a higher return on your investment by directing more customers to your business. Short Codes are a real advantage for businesses that regularly use mobile media for marketing.
To avail our short code, you can make an instant enquiry at +91-9873077351 or email your requirements at

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